The ancient city of Efes(Ephesus). Photo: Tingy Wu


Brazier Featuring Pan from Ancient Pompei.


You do have a strong disease in your soul. A disease that will eat away at you - until you die. I recognize your symptoms. I have the same sickness.

AU MEME » Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Ariadne (Inception)+ Ancient Roman Empire

Legendary Briton tribal warrior king Ámes (Eames) is finally captured by Imperial Roman Army general Domitius of Cobb (Dom) and is brought back to Rome as a slave. In short time he is made to fight in the Circus Maximus as a gladiator, and he quickly wins favor with the crowd for his strength and ruthlessness.  Among his admirers are the emperor’s youngest son Artilius (Arthur) and his young wife Ariadne. Unwilling to simply order him into intimacy, Artilius sets about covertly seducing the warrior king – making him a member of his private guard. But as he comes to know Ámes better, Artilius finds his attitudes on slavery and the war with Briton put to the test. 

Ancient Roman gold bracelet in the form of a coiled snake

1st century AD, Pompeii (The British Museum)


Flowering myrtle wreath, late 4th Cent. BC, Tomb of Phillip II Vergina.



A companion piece for Roman AU Inception fanfic Concubinus by grizzly-bear-bane. Read on AO3 [x].




Frescoes from Oplontis, 1st c. CE. Italy.


Koyaanisqatsi (1982; dir. Godfrey Reggio; cinematography Ron Fricke)