Criminal Catphrases

smirk  \ˈsmərk\


  • a smile expressing scorn, smugness, etc., rather than pleasure

intransitive verb

  • to smile in an affected, often offensively self-satisfied manner

The Queen and the Thief


“What will you do now?”

“Oh”—he tried unsuccessfully to keep the tremor out of his voice—“grovel, I suppose.”

“I’ve heard you do that before,” said Attolia, briefly amused in spite of herself.

Eugenides swallowed. “That was begging,” he said with a better effort at lightness. “There wasn’t much opportunity for groveling…last time.” He stumbled, then added evenly, “I am very good at groveling.”

“Anything to save your skin?” Attolia asked.

“Nothing is going to save my skin,” Eugenides said flatly.

—From “The Queen of Attolia”, by Meghan Whalen Turner.


jean phillippe guillermain


Crash in to me…


im following so many people and its like im in a passive aggressive gay bar overtaken by perverted women and intimidated gay boys.


Hey. Wait a minute…

How did he know he was in Mombasa?


These words are razors to my wounded heart.

AU MEME : Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Robert, Dom/Saito/Mal, Mal/Ariadne + Period Revenge Drama (loosely inspired by Titus Andronicus with other mashups)

After being wounded behind enemy lines and spending over two years in a grueling POW camp, Sergeant Eames makes a Faustian bargain and trades critical information for his freedom. Now in France, he plays the role of an English intelligence officer to gain the trust of the French Resistance while actually working for the occupying Nazi forces as part of their counter operation. This betrayal does not weigh lightly on his soul.

But the assassination of Colonel Fischer sends the operation into turmoil as their is infighting over whom should succeed him: Eames, higher ranking and far more experienced but still met with distrust due to his former alliances or Browning, a relative of Fischer but lower ranking and more a politician. The task of leading the operation is eventually given to Browning. 

Bitterly Eames continues with his ruse and soon finds himself under the lure of a mysterious French-American theater owner and socialite named Arthur whom he suspects of doubling as a resistance worker. His suspicions are correct though Eames has no inkling how deep and dark Arthur’s quest for retribution descends and what measures he’ll use to achieve his ends. Sent to live in France following the death of his parents Arthur had witnessed the murder of this aunt and uncle by German forces and only narrowly escaped by sent off to a camp himself along with a young woman named Ariadne.Now working to undermine the Nazi forces from the theater and lounge he runs with Mal, Arthur categorically befriends or seduces various officers to gain information; the criminal status of homosexuality insuring the affairs are kept secret on both sides. After killing the men, he disposes of their bodies by cooking and serving them at his many lavish parties hosted for the Germans.

Unbeknownst to Eames, Arthur already knows of his double agent status and plans a fatal honey trap culminating in his murder. But what follows becomes far more emotionally devastating and bloodier than either could have anticipated. 


George Petty, Esquire Girl, 1935

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Inception by Måsse Hjeltman

When I figured out the concept of my poster design for Inception it was the different dreaming levels that captured me. So I figured that each colored siluette in my poster design  is a different dream level which ends with Limbo as the black one in the front. 

This is one of my favourite films ever. Probably becouse of the science fiction elements and it makes me want to watch it over and over again. 

What´s your favourite science fiction film?